ADS1115 Texas Instruments

ADS1115 Texas Instruments Profile

The ADS1115 is an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) manufactured by Texas Instruments. It has a 16-bit resolution and is capable of sampling analog signals at up to 860 samples per second (SPS). It features two differential input channels, a programmable gain amplifier, and an internal voltage reference. The ADS1115 is a useful component in many different types of systems, such as data acquisition systems, process control systems, and smart sensor systems.

Some key features of the ADS1115 include:

  1. Low power consumption: The ADS1115 consumes as little as 150 μA during conversion and as little as 0.3 μA in standby mode.
  2. I2C interface: The ADS1115 communicates through an I2C interface, making it easy to interface with microcontrollers or other devices.
  3. Low noise: The ADS1115 has a low noise level, making it suitable for applications where low noise is critical, such as audio or precision measurement systems.
  4. Multiple configurations: The ADS1115 can be configured for different gain levels, sampling rates, and input voltage ranges to suit different applications.

Overall, the ADS1115 is a versatile ADC that offers high resolution, low power consumption, and flexibility in configuration. It is a popular choice in many industries and applications.

The Most Popular Part Numbers For ADS1115

The ADS1115 is a widely used analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and there are several part numbers that are commonly used. Some of the most popular part numbers for ADS1115 include:

  1. ADS1115IDGST: This is the most commonly used part number for ADS1115. This is a surface mount package with a maximum sampling rate of up to 860 SPS.
  2. ADS1115IDGSR: This is another popular part number for ADS1115. It is also a surface mount package and has the same pinouts as the ADS1115IDGST.
  3. ADS1115IRUGR: This is the reel-packages variant of the ADS1115IDGST. It comes in tape and reel packaging.
  4. ADS1115IDBVR: This is a micro-size leaded package of the ADS1x15 family and is ideal for small system components where space is of premium concern.
  5. ADS1115UE4: This is the military-grade version of the ADS1115IDGST. It meets MIL-PRF-38535 requirements for high-reliability microelectronic devices, making it suitable for aerospace and defense applications.

The Alternative Parts For ADS1115 Texas Instruments

Although the ADS1115 is a widely used and popular ADC, there are alternative parts available as well that can be used in place of it. Some of the alternative parts for ADS1115 include:

  1. ADS1015: This is a 12-bit version of the ADS1115 and is also manufactured by Texas Instruments. It has a similar pinout and uses the same I2C interface as the ADS1115.
  2. MCP3421: This is an 18-bit ADC from Microchip. It features low noise and a programmable gain amplifier for signal conditioning.
  3. MAX11131: This is a 16-bit, low-power ADC from Maxim Integrated. It has a selectable input range and a serial interface for communication.
  4. LTC2492: This is a 24-bit, delta-sigma ADC from Linear Technology. It has a very high resolution and low noise with differential inputs.
  5. MCP3204: This is a 12-bit ADC from Microchip. It features a fast sampling rate and uses an SPI interface for communication.

These alternative parts can provide similar or improved performance in specific applications. However, it is always recommended to compare the specifications and pinouts before substituting a part in a circuit.