Audio Special Purpose ICs – Definition And Applications

audio ic application

Audio Special Purpose ICs are integrated circuits designed to process and amplify audio signals. They are typically used in consumer electronics such as radios, televisions, and amplifiers. Audio ICs contain amplifiers, filters, and other circuitry that enable them to process audio signals in a variety of ways.

Audio ICs are also used in professional audio equipment, such as mixing boards and recording studios. They are able to provide a variety of features, such as equalization, compression, and reverb. Audio ICs can be used to create a wide range of sound effects, from subtle to extreme.

Types Of Audio ICs

1. Audio Codecs (CODECs): These are chips that convert analog audio signals into digital signals and vice versa.

2. Audio Amplifiers: These are used to amplify audio signals so they can be heard more easily.

3. Audio Mixers: These are used to mix multiple audio signals together so they can be heard together.

4. Audio Processors: These are used to alter the sound of audio signals. 5. Audio DSPs: Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) are used to process audio signals in real-time.

6. Audio Transmitters: These are used to transmit audio signals wirelessly.

7. Audio Filters: These are used to filter out unwanted frequencies or noises.

8. Audio DACs: Digital to Analog Converters (DACs) are used to convert digital audio signals into analog signals.

Audio Circuit Boards – Where to Buy?

A audio circuit board is a printed circuit board (PCB) designed to facilitate the connection of components to create audio circuits. Audio circuits can include amplifiers, tone controls, mixers, filters, and other components used to process and control audio signals.

Audio circuit boards typically have components such as resistors, capacitors, and integrated circuits (ICs) mounted on them. The components are connected to each other with copper traces on the board. Audio circuit boards can be used in a variety of applications, such as musical instruments, audio systems, and sound effects equipment.

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The Best Audio Circuits For Beginners

Many beginners feel at a loss for audio integrated circuit chips. Below we list 6 types of audio chips that beginners need to know and use most.

1. Simple Amplifier: The simplest audio circuit is an amplifier. It takes an incoming audio signal and amplifies it so that it can be heard through speakers or headphones.

2. Equalizer: An equalizer is an audio circuit that allows you to adjust the frequency response of a signal. Equalizers are commonly used to adjust the sound of a guitar or bass.

3. Preamp: A preamp is an audio circuit designed to boost an incoming signal. Preamps are often used to make a weak signal stronger before it is sent to an amplifier.

4. Crossover: A crossover is a type of audio circuit that splits the signal into multiple frequency bands. This allows the user to route different frequencies to different speakers or amplifiers.

5. Mixer: A mixer is an audio circuit that combines multiple signals into one. It can be used to mix multiple instruments together or to create a “stereo” effect.

6. Filter: A filter is an audio circuit designed to remove certain frequencies from a signal. Filters are used to eliminate unwanted frequencies from a signal.

Audio Semiconductor Companies



3.Texas Instruments

4.Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc.

5.Cirrus Logic Inc.


7.Microchip Technology

8.Rohm Semiconductor

9.CML Microcircuits


The Most Widely Used Audio Purpose Semiconductor ICs