DS2482-100 Maxim Integrated

DS2482-100 Maxim Integrated Profile

DS2482-100 is an I2C to 1-Wire bridge designed and manufactured by Maxim Integrated. The device is used to interface I2C masters to 1-Wire slaves. It allows the user to connect several 1-Wire devices to a single I2C bus line, thereby reducing the number of I/O pins required to communicate with them.

The DS2482-100 supports both standard (100kHz) and high-speed (400kHz) I2C protocols. It features a built-in 1-Wire timing generator and supports both parasitic and external power modes. The bridge is also compatible with a wide range of 1-Wire devices, including sensors and memory devices.

The DS2482-100 is ideal for use in applications that require low-power consumption, robustness, and simplicity. It is commonly used in applications such as environmental monitoring, temperature sensing, and industrial control systems.

What Are The Alternative Parts For DS2482-100 Maxim Integrated

Here are a few alternative I2C to 1-Wire bridge devices that can be used as substitutes for DS2482-100:

  1. DS2482S-100: This is a functionally similar part from Maxim Integrated with the same 1-Wire interface, but in a smaller package.
  2. DS2484: Another I2C to 1-Wire bridge compatible with a wide range of 1-Wire devices. This device offers several features, including power management, reset, and overdrive mode.
  3. TUSB3210-PM: A USB to I2C and 1-Wire bridge from Texas Instruments. It features a USB interface and comes equipped with an integrated data buffer and CRC generation.

It’s important to note that each of these parts has its own unique features and capabilities, and some may not be functionally identical to the DS2482-100. Before selecting a substitute part, it is important to check the datasheet of the device and compare specifications to ensure compatibility with your application.