LM358ADE4 Texas Instruments

LM358ADE4 Texas Instruments Profile

The LM358ADE4 is an operational amplifier (op-amp) IC (integrated circuit) manufactured by Texas Instruments. It is a dual-channel (two amplifiers in one package) op-amp that can be configured for use in a variety of applications, including:

  1. Signal conditioning – LM358ADE4 can amplify small signals such as sensor outputs or audio signals to a level appropriate for further processing.
  2. Active filters – It can be used to build active filters that provide a variable cut-off frequency and better performance than passive filters.
  3. Oscillators – It is commonly used as a building block in op-amp oscillators, for generating clock signals or frequency references.
  4. Comparators – It can be used as a high-gain voltage comparator in voltage detection circuits, battery/charge monitoring, or other applications requiring a high-gain comparator.
  5. Precision voltage reference circuits – LM358ADE4 can be used to provide precise, stable reference voltages that are not affected by variations in supply voltage.

The LM358ADE4 op-amp has a wide operating range of 3V to 32V with low bias current (about 20nA) and very low input noise (around 0.003% total harmonic distortion). It also has a low output noise (6.5nV) and can drive loads up to 20mA. Its small size and low power consumption make it suitable for low-cost, portable, and battery-powered devices.

Overall, the LM358ADE4 is a versatile and commonly used dual-channel op-amp for amplification, filtering, comparison, and voltage reference applications.

What Are The Alternative Parts For LM358ADE4 Texas Instruments

Here are a few alternatives to the LM358ADE4 operational amplifier from Texas Instruments:

  1. TL082CP – This is a dual JFET input operational amplifier that has similar specifications to the LM358ADE4, including a wide operating voltage range and low input bias current.
  2. LM833N – The LM833N is another dual-operational amplifier that has a higher gain bandwidth product compared to the LM358ADE4, making it suitable for higher-frequency applications.
  3. LM2904N – This is a dual-operational amplifier with low input offset voltage and a wide range of operating voltages like the LM358ADE4.
  4. MC33078P – The MC33078 is a higher-performance dual-operational amplifier with a wider operating voltage and higher input impedance than the LM358ADE4.
  5. OPA2344UA – This is a precision dual operational amplifier that is designed for low input offset voltage and offset drift.

It is important to check the datasheets of these alternatives and compare the specifications to ensure that they will provide suitable performance for your specific application. It is also essential to verify whether the pin configuration and the package style of the alternatives will match the original IC.