LMR14050SQDDARQ1 Texas Instruments

LMR14050SQDDARQ1 Texas Instruments Profile

LMR14050SQDDARQ1 is a synchronous buck converter or voltage regulator produced by Texas Instruments. It is a high-efficiency, step-down DC-DC converter that can handle input voltages ranging from 4.5 V to 40 V, providing a fixed 5 V output voltage.

The LMR14050SQDDARQ1’s key features include:

  • A 40 V maximum input voltage
  • 49 mOhm high-side MOSFET and 31 mOhm low-side MOSFET
  • Small package size of 8-Pin WSON
  • Adjustable frequency operation from 200 kHz to 2.2 MHz
  • A small and reliable solution using very few external components
  • Output current up to 1.5 A

LMR14050SQDDARQ1 can be used in various applications that require high efficiency, a small solution size, and a wide range of input voltages, including automotive, industrial, and portable applications.

Note: The LMR14050SQDDARQ1 voltage regulator is also qualified to operate at extended temperature ranges and has passed AEC-Q100 testing for use in automotive applications.

Overall, LMR14050SQDDARQ1 is a versatile and efficient step-down DC-DC converter that can be used in several applications requiring high efficiency, small solution size, and diversity of input voltages.

The Alternative Parts For LMR14050SQDDARQ1 Texas Instruments

Here are some possible alternatives to the LMR14050SQDDARQ1 synchronous buck converter from Texas Instruments:

  1. LM2675M-5.0/NOPB – This is a 5V, 1A step-down voltage regulator that operates over an input voltage range of 8V to 40V, and it also has a high-efficiency performance.
  2. LM2565QRBT – This is a Step-down DC-DC converter with an input voltage range of 6V to 40V, which is suitable for higher voltage supply applications. Also, it can run at an adjustable frequency range of 50 kHz to 1 MHz.
  3. TPS54560QDDARQ1 – This is a low input voltage 4.5V-18V, 5A synchronous step-down DC-DC converter specifically designed for automotive applications.
  4. MP2359DJ-LF-Z – This is a 1A, 2 MHz, 23 V, or 40V, step-down switching regulator, suitable for applications that require low input or high output voltage.
  5. XC9258A125MR-G – This is a 6 V to 20 V input voltage, 1.2 V fixed output voltage, Synchronous Step-down DC/DC converter developed by Torex Semiconductor for low-powered and compact applications.

It is important to compare the features and specifications of each device against the requirements of the specified application, including package size, input voltage range, output current capability, and efficiency rate before selecting an alternative. Additionally, pin configuration can also be a significant factor in selecting an alternative device.