STK433-270-E onsemi – integrated circuits

STK433-270-E onsemi – Audio Purpose Integrated Circuits, Applications Features, Equivalent Part, Datasheet, Overview

STK433-270-E onsemi - Audio Purpose Integrated Circuits

STK433-270-E Overview

STK433-270-E is an integrated circuit (IC) manufactured by ON Semiconductor. It is a dual-channel, high-voltage, high-speed, MOSFET driver and can be used to control the switching of power MOSFETs and IGBTs. It features under-voltage lockout protection, adjustable dead time, and adjustable dead time. It has a wide operating voltage range from 4.5V to 18V and can operate up to 1 MHz. The device is available in a 16-pin DIP package and is suitable for a variety of applications, including motor control, lighting control, and industrial automation.

STK433-270-E Features

Pin-to-pin compatible outputs range from 40W to 60W.
• Can be used to replace the STK433-000/-100 series (30W to 150W × 2ch) and STK433-300 series (80W to 150W × 3ch)
due to its pin compatibility.
• Miniature package (67.0mm × 25.6mm × 9.0mm)
• Output load impedance: RL = 6Ω to 4Ω supported
• Allowable load shorted time: 0.3 second
• Allows the use of predesigned applications for standby and mute circuits.

STK433-270-E Applications

Audio power amplifiers

STK433-270-E Datasheet

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Internal Equivalent Circuit

Internal Equivalent Circuit

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